office life

My Days at Office

Have a little time to update something here. If you asked me, how’s your days? I will absolutely answered, my life now is just like a roller coaster.

If you are about a little spoiled girl, sluggard and can not do almost everything, previously a college student, who just want to have fun, all you do is go to campus every day, hang out with friends, haha-hihi at restaurants, watching new movies on cinema and the only one matter in your life is only facing the exams, and NOW you have to work at one of the big four public accountant office in the world, which require you to move from your city, leave your families, friends, memories, and all your comfort zone, if you asked me, so i will summarize below in bahasa:

  1. My life just like a roller coaster since yang dulu nya setiap hari suka bengong-bengong ga jelas, wasting time dengan nonton DVD, baca komik dan novel setebal buku advance accounting sekarang harus ON dari jam setengah sembilan pagi sampai dengan waktu yang tidak bisa ditentukan. I told you that my real working life start after new assistant training at Lembah Hijau. Dua minggu pertama training, hidup normal, after assigned to the team, hari pertama kerja pulang jam setengah sembilan malem, hari kedua jam dua belas malem, hari ketiga dan seterusnya, don’t ask!! I think i’m really auditor now -_____-
  2. My life just like a roller coaster since sekarang harus kos, jauh dari orang tua, makan cari sendiri (untungnya cuci dan setrika baju udah bagian dari biaya kosan) and the room? Mmmmmm luasnya cuma sepertiga dari kamar ku di Medan.
  3. My life just like a roller coaster since my me time only on the weekend used to sleep aaaaaalll day.

This roller coaster taught me :

  1. Mandiri
  2. Sharing with others
  3. Self-awareness untuk tidak foya-foya
  4. Tahan banting
  5. Tidak mudah menyerah

Untuk sementara, hal-hal ini yang aku dapatkan ketika aku sudah bekerja. Semangaatt!!!


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