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Happy Father’s Day

Hi Papa, this post is written as a tribute for you.

During our 2 years 7 months parenthood,

I saw you relax to hold our new born baby. You not afraid, you not worry as this is a natural thing. A new father that i’m used to see sometimes look stiff and shy to hold. Even your friends just impressed about this when visit us at hospital. You always woke up at night just to sit beside me breastfeed the baby or changing the diapers whereas you have to work at the morning . I really appreciate this even this is not applied for Aldebaran since you said that now i’m a pro but is okay, pfft -_-.

You never worry to sleep in one bed with your babies, you okay with her/his out loud overnight crying, you okay to sleep with lights on, you okay can not sleep freely even i saw you hugging the babies while asleep. I know you just create a bond with them, your little time is too precious to be wasted.

When we go to some place, or hanging out with friends (especially my friends), you never bother me with the crying baby, diapers changing or something like that. You do it by yourself. You allow me to have fun, to have a little me time. I proud that you’re not “gengsi” even by do this, in my opinion, you raise your dignity papa.

I saw you assist Almeera (in this point) in every playgrounds or classes she entered. You play with her. That’s all that she needs during her toddler stage.

I saw you refrain from spending money for something that you needs but when it comes to your children there is no limitation for them as long as they safe and comfort.

I saw you (sometimes) more knowledgeable than me when we’re facing something that make us confuse about toddler and baby thingy. You do googling, you do asked here and there, you won’t let me find a way out alone.

According to what i’ve seen so far, so let me say:

Terima kasih papa untuk semua yang sudah kamu lakukan untuk Almeera dan Aldebaran. Mungkin kamu bukan orang yang sempurna tetapi jadilah sosok yang dikagumi, yang dibutuhkan dan panutan buat mereka. Semoga saya masih bisa melihat (selain yang saya sebutkan diatas) :

Kamu mengajarkan mereka berenang, menyetir, mencuci mobil bersama, membetulkan segala sesuatu yang rusak, kamu menari bersama mereka, orang yang pertama mereka telpon kalau mobil mogok, kamu menemani mereka berolahraga, kamu ga bisa tidur kalau anak-anak belum pulang ke rumah, or any big and little things that supposed to be your role.

I know, what i explaining here, you do think “my husband did that too”, but we definitely have different story and experience. I appreciate what my husband did especially for a little thing that i previously unthinkable, and i’m really glad, that you’re my partner, that you’re my children’s hero. Happy father’s day papa Dimaz, and also other fathers all over the world.

Watch the touchy dad’s moments here.

Notes :

  • Sorry if there are any mistaken in my grammar =p
  • photos will be uploaded soon


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